Save Money And Stay Focused With Grocery List Templates

While some people swear by grocery list apps, it’s hard for some people over 25 to get used to walking around the store staring at our phones. A written list is easy to consult quickly without having to unlock the screen, and easy to write on. Over at The Kitchn, Anjali Prasertong offers her technique: a list template made in Microsoft word and based on her regular purchases and the layout of her local Trader Joe’s.

“I hate fiddling with and staring at my phone while I shop,” she notes. Even if grocery apps are the ultimate in organization. The paper list is based on the order in which Prasertong and her husband move through the store, which is where she and her husband do much of their shopping. If the store gets rearranged, they can easily change the order of items on the template.

Shopping with a list keeps you on target and helps prevent impulse purchases that may be unhealthy for your diet and/or your wallet. It also saves trips back to the store because you forgot something essential, and helps with weekly meal planning.

Why I Made a Shopping List Template (Organized by My Trader Joe’s Layout) [The Kitchn]

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