Apple Purges Last Bitcoin Wallet From Its App Store

bitcoinwhatmb2While you can now use bitcoin to buy anything from basketball tickets to cars, that doesn’t mean you’ll have a way to use your digital currency if you’re an iOS user. Apple has been ditching bitcoin apps that people use to exchange it and just gave the boot the last one remaining.

Blockchain was the last one standing notes, joining Coinbase, Gliph and CoinJar in the dustbin.

The company said in a long response on its blog that it had no idea this was coming:

On Wednesday February 5th, Apple attempted to strike a devastating blow to the bitcoin ecosystem on iOS by removing “Blockchain”, the last remaining bitcoin wallet app, from the App Store. Offering no explanation and no opportunity to address any issues, without any apparent change in circumstances other than the growing popularity of the independent and competitive payment system, Apple has eradicated their payment competition on iOS and left the bitcoin space entirely to competing mobile OSs like Google’s Android.

It goes on to accuse Apple trying to get rid of competition in order to have a monopoly that favors its own payment system. Unless someone is an Android user, of course.

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