Man Posing As Walmart Worker Rewarded With A Swift Hit In The Junk After Flashing Customer

Listen, if you’re going to go around pretending you work for Walmart when really you’re just set on flashing your naughty bits at unsuspecting customers, you better believe you’ve got some pain heading your way. Because no one wants to see that, sir.

The Smoking Gun says a man acting like a Walmart worker walked up to a female shopper in a California Walmart Supercenter, and because he was helpful enough to point out where things were in the store, she figured he was an employee. Oh, but no.

“The Suspect then asked the Victim to look at something and exposed his genitals to the Victim,” investigators note in the report.

Her response was what any clearheaded shopper might do: She “immediately reacted by striking the Suspect in his exposed genitals,” police wrote.

While we don’t know if it was a kick, a hit or some other way of inflicting pain on that most sensitive of nethers, it seems her reaction did the trick — he immediately fled the scene and cops are on the lookout.

Walmart Flasher Flees After Female Victim Strikes Him In “Exposed Genitals” [The Smoking Gun]

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