Extreme Couponer Harnesses Skills For Good, Feeds Local Families

You could go grocery shopping with a stack of coupons and build a pantry stockpile, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. One man who enjoys couponing is applying his skills to stock the pantry of an entire community, supplying a facility where families can pick up essentials when they’re struggling.

The facility called the Care Cabin, a building on the elementary school campus stocked with food and household goods. It began because a huge number of children in this school are from households without a stable address, and more than half qualify for free or reduced-price school lunches.

Yes, the products promoted with coupons are often unhealthy and pricey, but judicious couponing can also yield cheap laundry detergent and canned staples.

These are the products that line the shelves of the Care Cabin, where students, parents,

The “Coupon Guy” of Casselberry, Florida spends about $2,000 of his own money every year to stock the Care Cabin. Through his couponing hobby, that money yields him food and household items with a retail value of about $10,000.

Casselberry coupon guru helps pay it forward with donations [WFTV] (Thanks, catastrophegirl!)

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  1. SingleMaltGeek says:

    I know that a commenter who is not in the beta gets a lot of free or very cheap toiletries or nonperishable food items and donates them to her local shelter or pantry, respectively.

  2. SirJanes says:

    I never see a coupon for anything that I would wish to buy discounted or otherwise. What am I overlooking?

    • econobikerredux says:

      You are overlooking coupon clipping services which aggregate coupons from all over the USA, joining a coupon web forum to trade information about which products are offered for coupons, and then use stores that double or match manufacture coupons.

  3. Saber says:

    I don’t know about “extreme” but I do coupon a lot, usually getting about 70-80% off retail whenever I shop for things. A ton of what I do get for free, I get in order to donate. There are a lot of homeless shelters near me, and things like shampoo, conditioner, body wash – even school supplies – can go a long way for people in need. The company selling the product gets the money back via the manufacturers, people get the rewards of my couponing who need them, and I feel pretty good about life. I feel like everyone wins. XD

  4. econobikerredux says:

    “The “Coupon Guy” of Casselberry, Florida spends about $2,000 of his own money every year to stock the Care Cabin.”

    And he probably gets a tax write off of four times that amount…

    That is one unspoken item about extreme couponers who donate free items and list the retail value of the items for tax write off purposes.