DIY Salon: 7 Grooming Items Other Than A Single Haircut That You Could Spend $1,000 On

We have no clue how much this nice young lady's haircut cost. (DCVision2006/a>)

We have no clue how much this nice young lady’s haircut cost. (DCVision2006)

Hello there! Do you have an extra $1,000 to spare? If you did, what are the odds that you’d spend it all on one haircut and blowdry? Slim, probably, unless your face is currently gracing the pages of whichever various celeb magazines are popular nowadays. But while there are some people out there who would splash out some serious cash on self-grooming, we’ve got a few other suggestions for that moolah.

The Wall Street Journal has one of those “Here Is What Some Crazy People Are Spending Money On” pieces right now all about how high-end hair stylists are upping their prices from the already hefty hundreds of dollars to $1,000 and beyond.

From the WSJ:

After holding prices steady since the financial crisis, it was time for a raise, many A-list stylists say. Some want to get out from behind the chair to focus on more lucrative pursuits, such as branded products or prestigious red-carpet work, and are charging more to thin the client herd.

Consider the herd thinned because there are plenty of other hair-related expenses we could stretch that $1,000 with if a magical money fairy suddenly appeared with a nice check. To the list!

1. 50 haircuts at a local discount salon: Assuming you can get a haircut for about $20 in just about any town, and you cut your hair every three months, that’s 12 years of haircuts. But don’t forget to tip.

2. 250 bottles of shampoo, 250 bottles of conditioner: Let’s say a cheapish bottle of your average shampoo and conditioner go for about $2 each at the drug store. You could keep your hair clean and tangle-free for oh, forever.

3. 100 blow dryers: Not that anyone would ever need that many, but if you scored one for yourself for $10 you could buy 99 more for your favorite people.

4. Four salon chairs: Maybe you want to set up your own in-home salon, à la Steel Magnolias? You could get four chairs for $249 each.

5. A lifetime of Raquel Welch wig style: While there are innumerable wigs and hair pieces you could splurge on with that cash, perhaps you’d like to spend it on six of these Raquel wigs to last out the rest of your days.

6. A new ginger identity from here on: Maybe you’ve always wanted to go red but don’t want to pay salon prices? Just use that $1,000 for about 89 bottles of this permanent tint, just as an example. That should last about 22 years if you’re dyeing it every three months or so to keep it vibrant.

7. Endless free advice from your friends while you sit in a chair in front of a mirror: This one really costs nothing so you would then have $1,000 to spend on anything else in the list or pay your mortgage.

Of course, the list could go on and on what with all the hair accessories out there — gels, sprays, brushes, combs, scissors and whatnot — but what it really comes down to is that paying $1,000 for a haircut that will grow out in a few weeks anyway just seems bonkers. And what if you hate it? That’s some expensive regret.

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