Are Your Nightmares Lacking Realism? The Velociraptor Cage From ‘Jurassic Park’ Is On Sale

jurassicscaryAre your dream workouts missing that extra bit of oomph? Maybe it’s just not real enough to you, you can’t believe that a carnivorous, smart and super fast velociraptor is about to chase you through a freaky dinosaur theme park. As luck would have it, the velociraptor’s cage from Jurassic Park is up for sale.

I can’t imagine anyone really trying to make their nightmares more terrifying, but if I owned the $100,000 cage that held the movie’s pair of hungry, hungry dinos, well let’s just say I wouldn’t sleep too well. And yes, I know they weren’t real. But still.

Theme Park Connection, an Orlando company that specializes in selling movie memorabilia, is auctioning off the cage from the opening scenes of the 1993 movie on eBay, with a current bid of $100,100.10. Bidding is still open for another week.

Maybe you’re still not terrified enough and would like to really scare yourself silly? A velociraptor prop from the film is also included in the sale so you can really lose sleep hurtling your body through the jungle away from that thing as fast as humanly possible, which we all know isn’t fast enough.

The popularity and rising price for the item is unexpected, the manager of the company says. He was “blown away” by the bidding, he tells USA Today. The current bid is the highest amount the company has ever sold a movie prop item for.

“We had no idea Jurassic Park had such a cult following,” he said, clearly not realizing that every time I see a glass of water shake I crawl inside myself and hide.

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