What Is The Best Day To Fill Up Your Gas Tank? Hint: It’s Probably The Weekend

It’s no secret there are better times of the year than others to make big purchases like plane tickets or a new TV, but what about those weekly purchases, maybe one that runs your vehicle? Gas prices are a constant roller coaster of high and low prices, but a new study is taking the guess-work out of when to fill up.

According to this state-by-state roundup from GasBuddy.com, you’re most likely to find the cheapest gas on the weekend.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday had the lowest prices for 65% of states in the four-year study of gas trends. Additionally, very few states saw the mid-week, Tuesday or Wednesday, as the best days for lower fuel prices.

While the lowest fuel prices for most states fluctuated over the four years, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland and South Dakota had the lowest prices on the same day for three out of the four years in the study.

Here’s a quick peek at the best day of the week to fuel up in states around the country:

  • California – Late week, typically Thursday or Friday
  • Delaware – Thursday
  • Illinois – Weekend, typically Saturday or Sunday
  • New York – Weekend, typically Friday or Saturday
  • Pennsylvania – Weekend, typically Saturday or Sunday
  • South Carolina – Late weekend
  • Texas – Saturday or Sunday
  • Virginia – Late weekend
  • Washington D.C. – Late weekend, typically Saturday or Sunday

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