Is This The Future Of Fast-Food Packaging Or A Disaster Waiting To Happen?

Okay, so it’s not exactly the shame-it-was-a-hoax hands-free Whopper holder, but we are intrigued by the potential (and the potential for disaster) of these prototype fast food containers that stack your entire meal into one calorific Voltron.

Posted over the weekend to the McDonald’s New Zealand Facebook page with the caption “McGenius?” the interlocking containers would put a sandwich on top of a beverage cup, covered by a fry bin that would have indentations on the top where you could store condiments.

So rather than walking down the street with a to-go bag, you’d have a tower of food.

We’re not quite sure it would be a good idea to stack a hot sandwich on top of a cold drink (the possibility for condensation, melting ice, and leakage scare us), the top fry layer seems destined to pop open and vomit fried potatoes all over the place, and it all seems rather top-heavy, so if you stub your toe on a curb or get jostled by a rude pedestrian, it seems like your whole lunch could go Jenga on the sidewalk.

That’s probably why McDonald’s NZ tells that it is not yet offering these containers to customers.

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