Flight Attendant Blows .258 On Breathalyzer, Pleads Not Guilty To Working While Drunk

A flight attendant on a Delta commuter route appears to have imbibed a little more than she thought, after a breathalyzer test determined her blood alcohol content was three times over the legal limit.

The flight attendant actually works for Chautauqua Airlines, which operates a Delta Connection flight from Lexington to Detroit. She entered a not guilty plea in a Fayette County, KY, court earlier this week to charges of being under the influence while serving as a member of a flight crew, and having prescription medication not in its original container.

Kentucky law places strict limits on alcohol consumption and all members of a flight crew, including attendants. Non one working on the plane is to have had a drink within eight hours of takeoff.

When the Delta Connection flight in question was preparing for takeoff on Tuesday, the airline called for medical assistance to the plane. The officer who responded to the call believed the attendant appeared to be under the influence and administered the breathalyzer, which came up with the result of .258, indicating a high level of intoxication.

A statement from Delta reads:

Delta is aware of reports of the arrest of a Chautauqua Airlines flight attendant for alleged public intoxication prior to the departure of Delta Connection flight 6095 from Lexington to Detroit late Tuesday afternoon. Delta will support any investigation by law enforcement in concert with Republic Airways Holdings, parent company of Chautauqua. Delta expects consummate professionalism from all parties who are entrusted with the care of transport of our customers, no matter which carrier may be operating their flight.

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