It’s War, Chocolatey, Sweet War: Hershey’s Unveils Its Own Spread To Fight Nutella

This is it. It’s time, finally! It feels like we’ve been preparing for this war all our lives. And by preparing we mean eating things that taste of chocolates and hazelnut and wondering what else could possibly exist with those flavors. Hershey’s has its answer, a line of chocolate spreads that seek to usurp the chocolate spread throne currently held by Nutella.

One of these new flavored spreads is direct hazelnut competition for Nutella, while the “chocolate” and “chocolate with almonds” versions are a bit more subtle in their coup attempts.

“The average American snacks more than two times a day and what better way to transform everyday snacks into delicious treats, than with the genuine chocolate flavor that only Hershey can deliver,” said a spokeswoman for Hershey’s in a press release (clearly choosing to ignore other chocolate flavored spreads on the market with that “only Hershey can deliver” bit).

We’re not about to take sides in this war, because it’s not our place to do so. But we will arm ourselves with knives — nay, spoons! — should the occasion arise where we find ourselves in the middle of a crazy brawl. Mmm, a chocolate brawl.

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