Of Course The New Thing In Colorado Is Pairing Food With Marijuana

One of the trendiest things you can do to a food is to pair it with something else. Got some delicious, sea salt caramel chocolates? Here’s a beer to go with that. Love cheese? Here’s the wine you absolutely must drink with it, darling. And so it follows that now that recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, someone had to be the first to pair it with a food. In this case, it’s sushi.

While you might usually think of pairing pot with say, a bag of chips and some kind of neon drink at 2 a.m., a Colorado sushi restaurant is rolling with its new form of high dining as the best weed/food combo. Puns!

In order to enhance diners’ dining experiences, the marijuana culinary powers that be have been sorting out how to best accomplish that. The same restaurant — with chains in Boulder and Denver — sent out flyers encouraging smokers to satisfy their munchies in 2009, reports Time.com.

Now there’s a full-on pairing menu for partaking and then eating, including:

Pakalolo Shrimp with Pakistani Kush
Honey Miso Salmon with Sour OG
Katsu Curry with Blue Dream

Everything is arranged for smokers’ comfort as well, with a dining room “ergonomically designed to reduce paranoia” in case you get freaked out by all the people eating fish around you. Or like, if the fish start talking. That would just be weird.

High Class Dining: Colorado Restaurant Introduces Weed-and-Food Pairing Menu [Time.com]

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  1. Psylent1 says:

    So, what happens when Mom & Dad share some of their food with their kids?

    • Cadillac64 says:

      From article: partaking and then eating. This is not an edible pot & sushi roll, although someone somewhere should be working on that right now.

      It’s age 21 +, just like booze, so smart thinking is no kids allowed in the smoking area. This isn’t a worry, unless Applebee’s or The Outback starts a similar menu. Check those sippy cups, they’re serving everyone!

      They should include a driver service with the dinner package.

  2. C0Y0TY says:

    I’d be disappointed if no one put something called “Miso High” on the menu.