Bag Of Frozen Spinach Comes With Free Bird Head

Poultry and spinach go well together, but that doesn’t mean that a Florida woman was happy to see that her frozen spinach came with some free meat. Mostly because it came in the form of the tiny skull (eyes included…well, one eye) of an unidentified bird.

It’s impossible to deny that most of our food is grown outside, where all sorts of animals live, die, and poop. The customer is a little grossed out, but doesn’t want money or a replacement: she wants to know that Publix cares about the problem. She also wants to know where the rest of the bird ended up, if it’s possible to get that information. That’s fair.

Where is the rest of the bird, though? Is it in another bag of spinach? Was it so finely chopped that it was undetectable among the spinach? That’s the mystery. One of the eyes from the bird’s head is also missing: did that fall out and get consumed with the spinach, or was it never in the bag to begin with?




One little animal, the head of which is barely the size of a quarter, and it raises so many questions.

Publix offered a refund, but a package of spinach costs less than two bucks. In a statement, the company said that no one else has complained of bird parts in their vegetables. So that’s good. They told TV station Fox 13:

We did receive communication from the customer through our customer care department, which was shared with our corporate quality assurance team. They are working through the details with the customer and the supplier. We have not received any additional complaints and believe this is an isolated incident.

In other words, they don’t know where the rest of the bird is, either.

This afternoon, the customer posted on Facebook that a Publix representative came to visit her, delivering frozen vegetables, a fruit basket, a gift card, and the news that bags of spinach will be pulled from shelves.

Sarasota woman finds bird skull in Publix spinach [Fox 13]

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