It’s A Bit Boring To Watch People Try To Break World Record For Binge-Watching

photo (11)Last night, about 12 hours before CES threw open its door to attendees, three folks gathered in the TiVo booth in order to begin their attempt at breaking the world record for TV binge-watching. Not even a full day in, and it’s kind of a sad sight.

Consumerist got some eyes-on time with the publicity stunt — which aims to break the current record of more than 86 hours set in 2012 by people who watched a continuous stream of Simpsons episodes — and it’s sort of a sad sight to behold.

It’s hard not to watch the viewers sitting in the TiVo booth struggling to pay attention to the TV and not see an analogy to TiVo, the company that popularized the DVR (and whose name was once synonymous with using a DVR for some people).

And we weren’t the only ones thinking of TiVo’s better days. We overheard a passerby ask as he strolled by the booth, “TiVo is still alive?”

Maybe things will pick up as the drive toward 87 hours nears. Fingers crossed that it devolves into some sort of Hunger Games/Battle Royale debacle after hours, with the viewers scaling the convention center rafters, crafting murderous plots (though without any actual killing).

If you want to be part of the fun, you can watch a live cam of the world record attempt here.

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