Is This 2,550-LB Wide-Belt Sander Now The Heaviest Thing That Ships For Free On Amazon?

UPDATE: No, it appears the sander has already been beaten by a few other contenders. Let’s just say lathes are really, really heavy.

The winning lathe clocks in at a whopping 8,514 pounds, is eligible for Amazon Prime and was submitted by at least four of our readers, so thanks for that and you all get to share the crown… for now. New challenge submitted!

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Yesterday’s clever advertising ploy/PR stunt from Amazon and/or Nissan got us thinking back to that 1,509-pound gun safe, which previously held the title of Heaviest Thing You Can Ship For Free on Amazon. One Consumerist reader says he found something even heavier that’s Prime-eligible, which could mean it’s time to pass the title on.

Brian writes in with this new kid on the block — a 2,550-pound wide belt sander that sells for $16,245 — saying it deserves to be crowned.

“While the gun safe is certainly a porker at 1,509 pounds, this Shop Fox belt sander really tips the scales with a shipping weight of 3,955 pounds and is Prime Eligible,” he explains, and it appears to be so.

But Brian isn’t done with us yet, throwing down the gauntlet to back his assertion: “I’II challenge you to find a heavier product!”

Challenge accepted. If you can find a heavier item on Amazon that will cost Prime members nothing to ship, or heck, something even bigger than the car that was apparently in that super big box yesterday, let us know at Then you can share in the wearing of the imaginary crown.

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