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There Is No Limit To the Unlimited Appetizer Promotion At TGI Friday’s

Caity Weaver of our estranged former parent site Gawker made a deal with her editor: if she could stay at TGI Friday’s from the start of the lunch hour until 1 A.M., munching on a single order of all-you-can-eat appetizers, she would get a week’s vacation. Apparently, eating mozzarella sticks is an endurance sport. At least at TGI Friday’s, where, Weaver reports, the sticks are bland and not good. At least you can get a lot of them? [More]


TGI Fridays Offering Endless Appetizers, Would Prefer If You Don’t Share With Friends

TGI Fridays is throwing down the all-you-can-eat gauntlet with a new “Endless Appetizers” promotion this summer — but don’t think that means you and your friends can gorge together. [More]

Goose and Maverick, meet your competition.

Science Says: Swatting Fruit Flies Is Annoying Because They’re Basically Tiny Fighter Jets

As proven time and time again after you leave those bananas on the counter for too long, the grasping meathooks we call hands are basically ineffective when faced with the ever elusive fruit fly. But don’t feel bad, it’s not just your giant, clumsy hamfists, it’s that fruit flies are basically mini fighter jets. And they’re all named Maverick or Goose, obviously. [More]

Is This 2,550-LB Wide-Belt Sander Now The Heaviest Thing That Ships For Free On Amazon?

Is This 2,550-LB Wide-Belt Sander Now The Heaviest Thing That Ships For Free On Amazon?

UPDATE: No, it appears the sander has already been beaten by a few other contenders. Let’s just say lathes are really, really heavy.



Guess What Happened After Insurance Scammer On The Run Tweets “Catch Me If You Can”?

Perhaps, after reading the above headline, you were guessing that a woman convicted of raking more than $650,000 in disability and insurance payments after faking injuries ended up winning the lottery and going to Disney World, where all her transgressions were forgiven. But nope! After tweeting such taunts as “Catch me if you can,” the former Amtrak clerk was tracked down in Mexico and arrested. [More]