Krispy Kreme Gives Man Bus Stocked With Donuts So He Wouldn’t Have To Steal A Truck

What’s a guy to do when his dream of stealing a Krispy Kreme truck and driving it around to hand out donuts to kids realizes his plan is full of (donut) holes? For one 42-year-old man recently diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS), that sweet crime spree came true when Krispy Kreme got involved. Well, without the stealing part.

When he found out he had a terminal illness he decided to apply online for a job as a donut delivery man, reports CBS News. But not because he needed extra cash — no, that gig was just means to an end.

“I knew I wouldn’t get the job, but at least then I could say when they arrested me, ‘Hey, man, I applied,’” he explained.

What’s that now? Well yeah, because: “Then the next step is to try to steal a truck,” he says.

His big idea was to steal a truck after staking out a Krispy Kreme donut factory near his home in Durham, N.C. He’d simply follow a driver on a route and slip into the truck at the right moment.

“And then just go around and give away the donuts,” like some kind of baked goods Robin Hood, he explained. But his plan had plenty of holes, the least of which wasn’t stealing the truck. His goal was to hand out the donuts to kids by pulling up to schools and being like, here, have some donuts.

While he wasn’t too worried about the repercussions of getting caught — “One of the blessings of ALS is — what are they going to do?” — he realized his plan probably wouldn’t work.

But his dream refused to die. Krispy Kreme heard whispers of his plot on Facebook and instead of threatening him, the company offered him a ride. A bus stocked with donuts, to be exact.

And then for a whole day, the man, his family and friends took to the streets in this mobile donut unit, handing out donuts wherever they were needed most — city parks, cancer wards and children’s hospitals.

“We’re glad to make some people smile,” he says. Doing what you can to make people smile is everything, he explains, as he faces his future with ALS. And he wants kids to know that.

“Because if I can’t impact people, this whole thing is a waste,” he says.

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