Ask For A “F*** Ton Of Mayo” At Smashburger, That’s What You Get

A Maryland woman wanted a lot of mayonnaise on her burger. A lot. “A f*** ton of mayo,” she told the co-worker who would be placing the order. When her co-worker placed the order at the local Smashburger, they used those exact words. Apparently, the phrase was evocative enough that Smashburger used those exact words on the order ticket and the customer’s receipt. (Note: un-censored receipt appears after the cut, in case you’re in a place where bad words aren’t cool.)

“I wanted them to know I was serious. I didn’t want a little kid’s amount of mayo,” the woman who eventually ate the burger told local news site Bethesda Now. She found the amount of mayonnaise on her burger satisfactory, but they couldn’t fit it all on the actual burger: she received an additional to-go container of mayo on the side.



Smashburger Provides Customer With ‘F*** Ton Of Mayo’ [Bethesda Now]

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  1. wsuschmitt says:

    THAT’S good customer service!!!

  2. SingleMaltGeek says:

    I always thought it was one word, “fuckton”, or at least “fuck-ton”.

  3. GoldHillDave says:

    I knew I liked SmashBurger. I hope no one gets in trouble for giving this customer exactly what she wanted.

  4. FusioptimaSX says:

    That is absolutely amazing and shows true customer service. Now comes the part where she was planning for this all along.