Stupid Shipping Gang Protects My Toilet Paper With Even More Wads Of Paper

Amazon really cares whether your packages arrive safely, no matter what they are. How much do they care? Reader Tony reports that when he ordered toilet paper from Amazon, it arrived in a huge box stuffed with brown paper.


“Another tree dies,” writes Tony ruefully. Look on the positive side: lots of free shipping supplies!

As people order more of our everyday goods online, this will happen more and more. It’s not good to have a case of toilet paper shifting around in its box, but the warehouse might be out of perfectly sized boxes and need to get your order out right away.

Nothing will ever reach the absurdity of the package of bubble wrap cushioned with bubble wrap, but we’re going to see a lot more boxes like this in the future. Time to start a nice box of shipping supplies in the basement, we suppose.

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