Mom Gives Birth To Baby In Walmart Parking Lot While Dad’s Inside Shopping

Either more exciting, crazy things happen in Florida every day or we just get to hear about them more often because it’s Florida: This week a baby was born in a car parked in the lot at Walmart while the father stepped inside to grab a few things.

One minute he’s just shopping for a few items and the next minute, he’s a new dad, reports

Police officers and firefighters showed up to find that the woman had given birth in the car with her three daughters sitting with her to witness. The dad told cops he’d only been inside for a few minutes and came outside to find his children frantically yelling at him to get back to the car.

By the time he reached the vehicle, the little bundle of joy had arrived.

“I would be floored and astounded,” said another shopper, who we will just call Captain Obvious.

The report says both mother and baby are doing fine, and for some reason the family decided not to get interviewed by the news team. Probably because everyone had already had enough excitement for one day.

Walmart says it’ll give gift cards to the family as well as some baby items by way of congratulations. Hey, a free baby shower!

While dad shopped, mom gave birth in Walmart parking lot []