Taiwan McDonald’s Ends Year With Workers Dressed Like Maids & Kitten-Eared Schoolgirls

mcdsschoolgirlsWhile some of the employees at my local McDonald’s were visibly displeased that their boss made them wear funny party hats on New Year’s Eve, these workers are probably delighted that they don’t work in Taiwan, where the last days of 2013 saw kitten-eared schoolgirls and “maids” in pink uniforms manning the counters.

RocketNews24 first noticed the maids shortly after Christmas, with employees referring to customers as “Master,” which is a little creepy for our tastes.

Then a few days later the site had photos and video of the anime-style schoolgirl outfits, complete with the knee socks and cat-eared headbands, worn by female employees who saluted customers.

While we doubt this would go over well with fast food employees here in the States, these oddball outfits are apparently all sanctioned by McDonald’s Taiwan as part of a year-end competition between franchises.

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