It’s Probably Best To Make Sure A Contest Is Still Running Before Spending Wads Of Cash To Win It

While dedication to the task before you is admirable, if that task is actually pointless the dedication can turn well, a bit sad. A man in the UK has earned not the prize of unlimited meals forever from his favorite chicken joint, but instead the pity of strangers after he realized the contest he spent a bunch of money on to win wasn’t even running anymore.

The chain Nando’s had been running a promotion to award dedicated customers with meals for life for anyone who could dine at all of its 1,031 stores worldwide. When a 26-year-old guy read about the “black card” prize, he set out to complete the challenge, reports the Daily Mail.

It wasn’t until 85 restaurants and £1000  (or $1,650) later that he realized the deal from two years ago wasn’t running anymore. Oops.

“I love chicken and eat in there a couple of nights a week anyway, so decided to embrace the challenge,” he explained, adding that he had dedicated his year to traveling the UK to eat at any Nando’s he could find. “I’d do anything to get my hands on a card giving me free chicken.”

Does that “anything” include building a time machine to go back to when the contest was still on? Apparently not. He’d been planning on heading to Australia to conquer the 300 Nando’s there  and was “gutted” when he found out the contest was over.

Lucky for him, the head honchos at Nando’s took pity on him and agreed to give him the reward and let him finish the contest if he can.

We’re always delighted to hear from Nando’s superfans and the lengths they go to for their love of PERi-PERi chicken,” a spokesman said. “Some time ago, we ran a challenge that rewarded individuals with free Nando’s if they could prove they ate at every Nando’s restaurant in the world. There are now so many Nando’s worldwide, that we don’t run the challenge any more. However, if [the man] completes his attempt, we will happily honor our original promise and give him free Nando’s for life.”

Not sure what a peri-peri chicken is but the guy sounds pretty darn happy to keep eating.

“I’m thrilled that they have recognized my efforts, and I’m more determined than ever to complete the challenge,” he says.

Nando’s fan spent £1,000 on meals at 85 branches to win free food for life… only to discover the competition had ended [Daily Mail]

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