Beer Thieves Drive Off With Walmart Manager In Back Of Truck

When a Florida Walmart manager followed a couple of suspected beer thieves out into the parking lot, he probably wasn’t expecting he’d end up going on a 12-mile ride in the back of their truck, tossing beer cans toward passing cars in the hopes of getting someone’s attention.

The manager of the Titusville, FL, store tells WFTV in Orlando that he’d spotted a male and female leaving the Walmart with some 25 cases of beer that we was pretty sure they hadn’t paid for.

“I had asked them for a receipt and they kept throwing beers into their car,” he recalls. “I ran up to get their license plate, but when I realized how close I was, I jumped in the back so they didn’t run me over.”

And so the truck took off down I-95 with the pilfered Bud Light and a freaked-out Walmart manager in the back.

In an attempt to get someone to call the police, the manager began tossing beer cans into the road.

The manager says they stopped the truck twice. The first time, the shoplifters attempted to beat him up. They later pulled off onto a wooded road and tried to force him out of the truck.

“I was like, ‘I’m not getting out for you to run me over,'” he recalls.

This got the attention of one driver, who pulled up behind the stopped truck on a country road and announced that he’d called the sheriff.

“Well, I just saw all the beers alongside the road,” says the driver. “The gentleman in the back got out, and as soon as he did, the other guy jumps into the pickup truck and just leaves.”

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