Check Out The Arm On The FedEx Guy Tossing A Package 20 Feet Onto A Customer’s Porch

Baseball. Football. Cricket. Trench warfare. All of those things are occasions where being able to lob something at a target from a long distance is a good skill to have. But using that good arm to chuck Fedex deliveries onto a customer’s porch from 20 feet away will not garner praise, especially when you’re (allegedly) caught on camera doing just that.

A customer in Maryland who has a home security system that records video and emails the homeowner snapshots when the motion sensors are set off reportedly caught the delivery guy chucking a box onto the concrete porch from quite a distance. has the footage of the driver standing at a distance from the porch and launching the package on its quick flight. While its contents weren’t breakable — the package contained clothing for a doll — that’s not the real issue here, the customer says.

“There was nothing breakable in the package,” she said. “That wasn’t my point. He had no idea what was in the package … it could have been something breakable. It was just the way that it was delivered to us, the carelessness that he took in delivering the package to our family.”

After the homeowners complained to FedEx, the driver in question was fired as a company spokeswoman says managers are “shocked” that the employee chose to deliver packages in such a manner, because that’s not actually how they’re supposed to do things.

Home security camera catches FedEx deliveryman throwing package 20 feet onto porch []


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  1. Raekwon says:

    We had this problem with UPS last year. Every time we had a package we could hear it slam against the door. It was so loud it even woke my daughter. When we opened the door the package was often in a weird position randomly placed around the porch as if it had bounced of the door. The guy was throwing them from his truck. We complained to UPS and they mentioned they had received multiple complaints about this driver and had terminated him. I feel bad for getting someone fired but seriously how hard is it to walk to the door?

  2. ZLoth says:

    Hey, FedEx, whatever happened to “The Golden Package”?

  3. SuperSpeedBump says:

    I agree that this kind of behavior is unacceptable, but I have to wonder how much of this behavior is the result of heavy pressure by the employer to delivery as many packages as possible in the shortest amount of time possible.

  4. GoldHillDave says:

    When I worked for UPS I used to do this. Sometimes I could drive closely enough by the door that I didn’t even have to stop. But I only did it with soft, envelope-type packages that obviously contained things like clothing. I took good care of my customers and they appreciated it.