Nobody Needs A Taco Hat From Taco Bell’s “Live Más” Store

TB1004-CIf you’re a fan of a band or a TV show, you want branded merchandise that shows your support. Why shouldn’t it be the case for fast food? In recent years, White Castle brought us their shop, with a Snuggie-sleeping bag hybrid designed for hardcore vegetation. Now Taco Bell has opened a store to spread their message of “Live Más,” if “Más” means wearing Taco Bell jewelry and hats.

You might recognize the rings for sale in the Taco Bell Gift Shop when the company sent rings to a variety of famous pretty ladies with Twitter accounts. Now ordinary people can have the same wire jewelry mailed to glamorous models, except that we have to pay $25 for the set and look like plain old boring lumps while we wear them. From my computer at least, it’s not possible to add this “Limited Time Offer” to our web carts. That’s probably just as well.

Profits from store sales apparently go to the Taco Bell Foundation for Teens. Actual slogan: “To inspire and enable teens to achieve MAS.”

Live Más Store [Official Site] (via Brand Eating)

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