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Nobody Needs A Taco Hat From Taco Bell’s “Live Más” Store

Nobody Needs A Taco Hat From Taco Bell’s “Live Más” Store

If you’re a fan of a band or a TV show, you want branded merchandise that shows your support. Why shouldn’t it be the case for fast food? In recent years, White Castle brought us their shop, with a Snuggie-sleeping bag hybrid designed for hardcore vegetation. Now Taco Bell has opened a store to spread their message of “Live Más,” if “Más” means wearing Taco Bell jewelry and hats. [More]

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Air Canada Rouge Flight Attendants: Hipsters Of The Skies

Air Canada’s new discount carrier, Air Canada Rouge, bills itself as a “new stylishly affordable leisure airline.” Rouge introduced its new uniforms to the flying public this week, and they’re very versatile. Flight attendants can wear them from work to a concert to picking out artisanal marshmallows at the local farmer’s market. They make the flight attendants look like hipsters, is what I’m saying. [More]