More Shoppers Concerned About Getting Fat During The Holidays Than They Are About Going Into Debt

For many Americans, the last two months of every calendar year inevitably involve eating too much and spending a lot of money. Given the still-choppy economic waters, you might think that consumers would be more concerned about their bottom lines before thinking about their waistlines, but you’d be wrong.

At least according to the 1,500 respondents to Consumer Reports’ latest survey on holiday stresses and gripes, which found that 34% of Americans dread the putting on of pounds that could result from too many holiday parties with platters of rich foods, along with a decline in outdoor activity as the temperature drops.

Meanwhile, only 31% of respondents say they dread the debt that comes from all the spending during these climactic weeks. After all, even if you buy all your gifts long in advance, there are still costs like decorations, food (especially if you’re hosting family and other guests), tacky sweaters, and things like airfare and gas for those who are traveling.

Of course, neither weight gain nor debt topped the list of holiday complaints. That dishonor belonged to an all-time classic: Crowds and long lines, selected by 61% of respondents.

In fact, all three of the most-dreaded holiday issues involve being around just too many people WHO WON’T STOP BUMPING MY FRIGGIN’ CART WHY CAN’T THEY JUST LOOK WHERE THEY ARE GOING… with 54% of people hating the bad traffic that clogs the streets around this nation’s shopping centers, and 48% sick of all those people who lose their minds when driving through crowded parking lots.

There is some good news from the survey: For all we fret about buying the right gifts for our loved ones, only 12% of respondents say they are concerned about being let down by disappointing gifts.

You can check out the entire survey here.

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