6 Ways To Turn Your Hot Cocoa Into Hot Whoa!-Coa


Your life is gonna change, little buddy. (Triborough)

Once you’ve stopped cringing over the terrible pun inflicted on you by the above headline, think about your next mug of hot chocolate: You could be by the fire singing carols or in a half-slouch at/on your desk — hot cocoa is always something to look forward to. It’s liquid chocolate, after all. But it could be better. It could be hot whoa!-coa with a few easy upgrades.

Done cringing again? Moving along! The Huffington Post knows a good list will come in handy and its round-up of hot chocolate upgrades has some pretty lip-smacking ideas. We culled six of our favorites from the pack with their respective instructions linked, and you can check out the rest over at HuffPo.

1. Toasted marshmallow cream: Marshmallows that aren’t toasted are sooo [insert any year previous to this one]! Fire those suckers up and make it creamy before you add’em atop your hot cocoa and you’ll be good, with this recipe.

2. Mini gingerbread house: In case you’re the kind of person who scoffs at unadorned mugs, go past those everyday sugar cubes and perch a tiny house on your next hot cocoa. You know, if you’ve got time for such twee craftiness. Click here for instructions you will definitely need, unless you’re some kind of baking/architecture genius.

3. Nutella: Well OF COURSE. Why didn’t we think of adding more chocolate to chocolate that is warm? Here’s how to do it.

4. Candy canes: Got a dollar or two for a box of candy canes? Then you’ve got ingredients for some pepperminty hot whoa!-coa. Well those and also you’ll need peppermint extract per this recipe, but the canes are essential for decoration and eating purposes.

5. Cookies ‘n cream: Okay now we’re just tossing tasty things into the mug, right? Yes, and here’s exactly how to do it. This trend is totally fine with me because hey, hot whoa!-coa! Just trying to get my quota of bad puns in.

6. S’mores: This is like taking all the coziness of a fireside snack and combining it with another cozy fireside snack. The recipe is basically the ultimate in wintry snuggly snackiness and it’s only right that it exists in this world.

Go now, my friends. Go and share the news of hot whoa!-coa throughout the land.

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