The Internet Was Invented To Reunite Children With Lost Stuffed Animals

BbeZIi3CcAAwFIYThe invention of the Internet has created some jobs, rendered others obsolete, and changed all of our lives. It has also made things possible that we couldn’t imagine before an interconnected world. Like the little girl who lost her stuffed lion, but found him again…thanks to Twitter.

Back in the Dark Ages, someone who found a well-loved stuffed critter would have only one option: drop it off in the lost and found. That’s what the woman who found this stuffed lion was going to do after finding it abandoned in King’s Cross station in London. That would give it the best chance of being reunited with its owner. Wouldn’t it?

Maybe there was another way. She tweeted a photo of the critter (which she thought at first was a bear) and posted it to Twitter. The image propagated across the Interweb, spread by thousands of people who remember what it would have been like to lose a stuffed toy as beloved as this little lion looked.

In the meantime, the lion had a nice vacation.

Within only a few days, the picture came across the screen of the owner’s father. The mystery “bear” was really Roar the lion, and he even had photos of the now-famous lost lion with his daughter.


What did we learn? Social media is powerful, and the world is very small now. People, though–we don’t really change. We all remember the heartbreak of losing a favorite toy.

Twitter reunites cute bear with owner after passenger finds it on King’s Cross train [Metro] (via Business Insider)

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