Arizona Price-Matcher Was Banned From Walmart For Allegedly Threatening To Beat Up Employees

walmartbanYou might remember the national story from earlier this week about a man who went to the media with his tale of woe about how he was banned from Walmart for life just for bringing other retailers’ ads to price match. We thought there might be more to the story, and there was. Gosh, there was.

Walmart workers claim that the man was well-known for trying to match prices from expired ads, which goes against both the spirit and the letter of Walmart’s price-matching policy. Some employees would let him have the matches anyway, reports ABC 15, the TV station that originally publicized the story based on just an interview with the shopper and not, say, reading the police report.

That alone wasn’t why he was banned from the store, either. He was banned for threatening the physical safety of Walmart employees. “Never once did I say anything to the gentleman,” he had told the TV reporters. According to the police report, the shopper did say a few things to the gentleman. Specifically, “I’m going to mess this mother f_ _ _ker up,” referring to the cashier, threatening to wait in the parking lot to “do [the cashier] in” and to “beat his ass.”

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