Of Course Someone Bought A Tesla Model S And Paid For It With Bitcoins

Like Monopoly money, but it buys real stuff.

Like Monopoly money, but it buys real stuff.

Two things everyone on the Internet just loves to talk about because there’s usually some controversy surrounding the subjects have just combined into one juicy story just perfect for the World Wide Web: Someone just bought a Tesla Model S and used Bitcoin to pay for it.

Yes, the Internet currency that is mysterious and much discussed (and perhaps not entirely AOK with the U.S. government, which, along with other countries and banks around the world seems worried about fraud) has been used to make a pretty big real world purchase.

The Daily Dot says a customer at a car dealership in Newport Beach shelled out 91.4 Bitcoins. The going rate right now is 1 Bitcoin for about $835 in U.S. money. The buyer delivered the dough via a payment service called Bitpay, and no cash exchanged hands whatsoever.

“Lamborghini Newport Beach is proud to announce that we are fully capable of accepting Bitcoin as legal tender for vehicles,” the dealership proclaimed on its blog. “We are excited to opening the door to this new currency.”

It also tweeted about the futuristic exchange:

So far this seems to be the first car that the dealership has sold for Bitcoins, but it would appear that anyone with a stockpile of the currency could buy whichever model is for sale. Because yes, there are people in the world who can afford Lamborghinis while I still need to get a new transit pass.

Meanwhile, somewhere Elon Musk is probably doing a celebratory dance and some fist-pumping, chanting, “They like my car, they really like my car!”

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