Motorola To Redo Cyber Monday Sale On Wednesday After The First Try Didn’t Go So Well

DIY phones.

DIY phones.

For all the patient boys and girls out there who were waiting to get a $150 discount on an off-contract Moto X yesterday, your efforts might’ve felt a bit wasted when Motorola’s Cyber Monday deal never even got off the ground. Due to the crushing weight of shopper traffic on the purchase page, Motorola Mobility couldn’t pull its sale off, and instead has rescheduled the deal for Wednesday at noon EST.

Yesterday about an hour after the sale was supposed to have launched, customers were tweeting their frustrations, as it seemed like no one was going to get through or get a deal. At first Motorola acknowledged the problem:

But the site couldn’t be revived during all the hullabaloo, with the MotoMaker customization tool unusable, so the big cheeses have apologized and issued a new plan.

Says Motorola Chief Executive Dennis Woodside in a blog post titled “We Owe You An Apology” (via CNET):

Here is what we are going to do: Starting at 12 pm EST/9 am PST this Wednesday, we will relaunch the $349 promotion. To help make up for this major inconvenience to shoppers, we will also add an additional promotional day on Monday, December 9. We will double the quantity of phones available, while supplies last, to allow as many people as possible to take advantage of the promotion. We’re also extending the 30-percent-off offer on accessories to these two days….

On behalf of all Motorolans, I apologize for what occurred today. I appreciate your understanding as we get this fixed in time for Wednesday and Monday.

Cross your fingers it actually is fixed or you’ll have a lot more apologies to throw around.

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