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Motorola To Redo Cyber Monday Sale On Wednesday After The First Try Didn’t Go So Well

For all the patient boys and girls out there who were waiting to get a $150 discount on an off-contract Moto X yesterday, your efforts might’ve felt a bit wasted when Motorola’s Cyber Monday deal never even got off the ground. Due to the crushing weight of shopper traffic on the purchase page, Motorola Mobility couldn’t pull its sale off, and instead has rescheduled the deal for Wednesday at noon EST. [More]

Google says it's "got wood." Get it?

Google’s U.S. Moto Factory Makes The Customized Wood Veneer Phone Of Your Dreams Possible

There it is. Your phone. Sitting there, all boring and like, silver or black or white. YAWN. It doesn’t have any… pizzazz. If you’re the type who needs to feel like your phone is an extension of your personal style, Google’s U.S.  factory allows for customization of the Moto X up the whatsit. [More]


Motorola To Assemble Next Smartphone, Moto X, In United States

Wages are rising in Asia, energy costs are falling in the United States, and two out of three Americans at least say that they would pay higher prices for gadgets assembled in America. That means that it’s an ideal time for Motorola Mobility to try assembling the Moto X, its first phone designed under Google ownership, on shore. [More]