Walmart Sold 2.8 Million Towels This Weekend

Sure, we in the media like to focus on the people who punch each other over televisions at Walmart stores during the weekend after Thanksgiving. While the mega-retailer sold millions of TV sets this weekend, that wasn’t their top seller. What item did they move the most of over the long weekend? Towels.

Well, okay, to be fair, the frenzies over towels have become a tradition too. That’s because they cost only $1.74, and a 29-cent washcloth was also a huge hit on Black Friday. At that price, you could just buy washcloths and throw them away instead of washing them.

Here’s a towel frenzy from last year:

Wally World announced their towel tally in a press release. They also sold 2 million televisions, 1.4 million tablets, and 1.9 million dolls. Walmart did not specify how many towels, TVs, tablets, or dolls they sell on a normal weekend.

Walmart sold 2.8 million towels on Thanksgiving [Marketwatch]

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  1. robinm says:

    Is it finally time to stop pretending that Black Friday is for anything other than purchasing items for yourself?

    • LauraNorthrup says:

      I went shopping at Walmart for myself, but it was mostly groceries. That’s included in these Black Friday stats too.

      • robinm says:

        Sorry, I meant the Black Friday ads for mattresses and trucks and all of that stuff that you’d never dare buy for anyone else. And towels. Black Friday has some great deals, sure, but most of the shopping I bet is done for one’s own household.

  2. charmander says:

    Well, of course they sold more towels than tv sets. You only need 1 TV, but you never buy just one towel.