Here Are Some Videos Of People Who Spent Thanksgiving Fighting Over Discounted Junk

Can we pour one out for the memory of Thanksgiving, the once-loved holiday that took a shot to the gut yesterday when hordes of bargain-hunters chose to forego time with family and loved ones in favor of overhyped discounts on clearance items, and then died forever when the first punch was thrown, presumably minutes after the doors opened. For those of us who didn’t go shopping last night, here are some reminders why…

The shooter of this clip says he was booted from the Walmart while recording some moron bully people over what appears to be a crappy TV set. The store would rather eject the man recording the video than do anything about the violent, angry shopper:

More Black Friday nastiness from outside of Fort Worth, TX:

A scrum over TVs that will probably break within the first two months:

Meanwhile, here is our favorite image being passed around with the heavily trending #walmartfights hashtag.

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