Cops Shoot Alleged Thanksgiving Night Shoplifter Dragging Officer With Car

Some Black Friday shoppers brawl over discounted junk, and some people aren’t interested in paying those discounted prices at all. Not because they’re staying home: don’t be ridiculous. Brown Thursday turned dangerous in Illinois when a police officer shot an accused shoplifter. For shoplifting? No, for dragging a fellow officer whose arm was stuck in his car door.

Kohl’s opened their doors at 8 P.M. on Friday, and called the police over apparently shoplifters at 10:10 P.M. Police say that they arrived and confronted one of the accused shoplifters as he left the store. Instead of having a friendly chat, the man jumped into the passenger side of a car. An officer pursued the car on foot, but the suspect slammed the car door on the officers arm before he could be arrested. Then the car drove off,

A second officer on the scene ordered the driver to stop, eventually firing at the car and hitting the driver in the arm. The officer who was dragged sustained a shoulder injury.

The alleged shoplifter, the driver, and another apparent accomplice have all been arrested.

Cops shoot driver dragging officer in Black Friday incident at Romeoville Kohl’s [Sun-Times]

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