Sears Hometown Store Owner Refuses To Open On Thanksgiving Day

doorbustersA Sears Hometown franchise owner is standing up to her corporate overlords and refusing to open on Thanksgiving. Opening their doors at 6 A.M. on Black Friday? Sure. No Brown Thursday at her store, though. 

Sears Hometown are mini stores in small communities, run by franchisees. Hometown and Outlet stores were spun off into their own company, but carry Sears products. They’re like an old-fashioned general store where you can buy Craftsman and Kenmore products.

It wasn’t a difficult decision for the store owner to stay open. “We are not going to let corporate retailers rule over our family values and take this away from us,” she told local TV news.

Customers that TV reporters interviewed were supportive of the decision. “I wouldn’t want to go shopping on Thanksgiving, really,” one local resident pointed out. Sears thinks that some Americans do: apparently we’ll find out tomorrow.

What the news report didn’t specify was what consequences there might be for the store owner. We’ve already heard about one Pizza Hut manager who walked off the job rather than open up on Thanksgiving Day. We’re sure this isn’t the last story we’ll hear about conscientious objectors to Brown Thursday.

Sears owner refuses to open on Thanksgiving [WMUR] (Thanks, Jeremiah!)

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