Retailers Try To Win Over Employees Who Work This Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving barrier has been breached by retailers, and the previously untouchable holiday is now just another day on which to have a big sale. In an attempt to win over employees who may not be too thrilled about having to eat Thanksgiving dinner at noon so they can make it to work on time, some stores are providing perks to workers who sacrifice their Turkey Day in the name of doorbuster deals.

The L.A. Times reports that Walmart is giving 25% discounts on certain purchases to employees who work this Thanksgiving. More importantly, they will get an additional day’s pay equal to that worker’s average daily pay in the 12 previous weeks.

Meanwhile Toys R Us employees get to wear jeans and sneakers… because if you’re going to tear them away from their families, they might as well be comfy.

Kohl’s and the Gap Inc. trinity — Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic — will be doing vague, fun things for workers, which mostly seems to indicate that there will be snacks.

One mall that is part of the Simon Property Group chain will be hosting a five-hour, multi-course Thanksgiving dinner for employees.

Target claims that its workers will get additional pay beyond the standard holiday wages.

Macy’s, the company that is arguably to blame for commercializing the holiday by sponsoring that unholy caravan of massive, inflatable cartoon characters through the streets of Manhattan (and right to the chain’s flagship store) says that this survey sent to employees back in late September to see if the store should open on Thanksgiving was all in the service of giving employees time to tell their families that they will be working on the holiday.

If any readers who work this Thanksgiving want to tell us what their employers did — if anything — to make the day more pleasant, feel free to let us know at

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