How Stupid Does Bed Bath & Beyond Think We Are?

treatyoself“How dumb does Bed Bath & Beyond think we are?” writes reader Kristina. Well…maybe they’re just working from assumptions about the average American consumer’s math skills. This coupon offers $25 off a $125 purchase, which is great if and only if you want to spend exactly $125 at the store.

BB&B blasts their mailing list with 20% off the price of one item coupons, with few limitations. The advantage of this coupon is that you can spend $125 or more on multiple items and get the 20% off. 20% off your entire purchase coupons do exist, but are rare and wonderful to behold.

This coupon is pretty great but inferior to both the 20% off one item and the 20% off entire purchase coupons unless you are spending exactly $125. It’s better than no coupon at all, but not the “sweet holiday treat” that the copy on the glossy cardboard flyer makes it out to be.

With the more common coupon that the chain distributes, if you buy one item that costs $200, you get 20% off, or $40. With this coupon, if you buy something that costs $200, you get $25 off, no matter what.

Of course, the key situation where this coupon is awesome is if you’re buying a cart full of smaller things. With the normal coupon, you’d get 20% off the priciest item and that’s all.

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