Comcast Wants To Be Hated Even More, Adding $1.50 ‘Broadcast TV Fee’

In a move that is both hypocritical and underhanded, Comcast is reportedly adding a $1.50/month “Broadcast TV Fee” to some customers’ bills in 2014, pretty much putting a lock on the cable giant’s appearance in the next Worst Company In America tournament.

Let’s first look at the underhanded aspect of this nonsense fee. As anyone could have predicted by all the very public spats between broadcasters and cable operators in recent years, cable bills were destined to keep going up. And the $1.50 fee will indeed increase the amount billed to Comcast customers each month. But since this is a fee tacked on above the bill, the company may still be able to advertise the monthly rate without the fee. So this is an attempt to jack up your bill without being transparent about the total costs to potential subscribers.

Others, like AT&T and Charter have similar tack-on fees, but unlike those companies, which have not benefitted in any way from increased retransmission fees charged by broadcasters, Comcast also happens to own NBC. Thus, isn’t it a bit hypocritical for Kabletown to be involved in finger-pointing that targets broadcasters as the cause of the problem? And how much of that fee is going to NBC?

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