Dell Ends Weird Gift Guide Pricing Game, Lowers Camera Price $100

nikonIt’s the strangest thing: remember our post yesterday about Dell’s gift guide catalog and the camera prices that didn’t line up? Dell still hasn’t called us back or anything, but all of a sudden the price on that Nikon camera described in the post is down $100, in line with the catalog price. What a weird coincidence!

Update: Of course, it’s not a coincidence at all. A spokesperson for Dell called us up to let us know that yes, they would honor the pricing in the gift guide catalog, and that there are no imaginary separate piles of identical $500 and $700 cameras. “Our sales teams have also been alerted and know that our customers will be able to take advantage of this great price,” she notes.

We’re glad that we were able to bring this to their attention. Paul, the original tipster who told us about the catalog issue, sent as a delighted e-mail, so he’s probably already ordered his camera. See, a happy ending for everyone in this post!

Dell Mails Out Holiday Gift Guide With Strange, Imaginary Prices

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