Blockbuster Stores Are Having A Wacky Nationwide Liquidation Sale



If you’ve always dreamed of owning a giant gumball machine, a movie ticket-shaped “OPEN” sign, or hundreds of empty DVD cases, you’re in luck. While it’s sad that Blockbuster Video locations are finally shutting down, this is a boon to anyone who wants to pay strange prices for the equipment to open their own DVD rental store.

Our semi-estranged siblings over at Gizmodo rounded up some amusing store fixtures and rental videos that are part of the liquidation sale. One of our favorites has to be the Dish Network kiosk available for only $650 in Katy, Texas. Okay, it has a television and PlayStation 3, but they’re missing key information: can you go into business selling Dish Network service on your own or not?


Make your best offer on this homemade spinner wheel at the Costa Mesa, California store. Mini basketball? Yes, please!


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