Kmart Has Customers Jangling Over Men Jingling Their Junk In New Ad For Joe Boxer

Another day, another ad that could be seen as either clever or so suggestive that social media is roaring over the indecency of it all and how could you put that on TV, etc. This time it’s Kmart’s turn to face the Internet firing squad over an ad that features men jingling their junk like so many melodious bells in Joe Boxer shorts.

The ad shows men all lined up with tuxedos on — or actually, just tux tops once the table with bells moves out of the way. What happens next can only be described as men using their nether bits to make a Christmas song. Is that so bad?

Well, yes, according to some of Kmart’s customers on Facebook. They’re ready to stop shopping at KMart (wait, people shop at KMart?) over the ad.


“I am very disappointed in your Christmas Joe Boxer commercial. That is not appropriate for a supposed family store.”

“I am highly offended by your Joe Boxer ad. Do not expect me to do ANY shopping there if you do not cancel it immediately!”

“Shame on you. You lost my business!”

“On the one hand, you work with St Jude’s Children’s hospital to cure childhood cancer, on the other hand you show vulgar commercials of men banging their gonads together to celebrate Christmas. Trying to have it both ways? Not with my help.”

But then there are the others out there who appear to be enjoying the music.


“Love the commercial…freaking hilarious!!!!! Don’t mind all those that are offended. I’m sure they are also offended by the Victoria Secret Ads, Burger Commercials, and pretty much every Saturday Night Live skit that is ever aired. You got everyone’s attention. Seize the moment!”

“LOVE the new commercial, can’t please everyone!!!!!!”

“Your Joe Boxer ad is fantastic! Tell the haters that if they unbunch their own panties they may be able to make them ring too.”

“I just watched it again just for the fun of it. Too funny. Will I be showing my 8 year old when she gets off the bus, no, but would I freak if it came on the tv? No (although keep it off Disney or Nick lol!) This is clothed men shaking their hips. The innuendo is left to the adult mind. Not sure why everyone’s freaking out, but really, it’s genious – look at all the attention. There’s no such thing as bad publicity!”

It’s true, with all this attention it’s likely KMart will sit back and enjoy the hubbub, much like Kraft did during the controversy around the Mostly Naked Guy On A Picnic Enjoying Salad Dressing ad. Because whether you love it or hate it, the ad’s got over 1.6 million views.

*(In case you were wondering, yes, jangle is a word: “make or cause to make a ringing metallic sound, typically a discordant one.”)

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