‘Gravity’ Spoof Accurately Recreates The Terror Of Being Separated In IKEA

Sure, the Clooney-in-space movie Gravity presents a terrifying vision of what it may be like to be sent hurtling through the vast emptiness of space, but honestly how many of us are pushing through the mesosphere in our lives? A more relatable terror of drifting without direction can be found in the cluttered maze that is your local IKEA.

Anyone who has ever gotten separated from a shopping companion at IKEA will appreciate the above spoof of Gravity, which transplants the action from space to the byzantine insides of the world’s largest home furnishings retailer.

While we can certainly relate to that feeling of looking away for one moment, only to realize that a loved one has been carried off down the river of shoppers — or worse, popped through one of those fast-travel portholes between departments — we did take one huge issue with this film: We’ve never, ever been able to get anything resembling decent wireless reception inside of an IKEA.

We’ll just save that for the IMDB goofs section when this film is inevitably remade as a Lifetime movie starring Bruce Boxleitner and Kate Capshaw.

Note, while the movie is safe for work, some people have pointed out that someone overhearing the screaming in parts of the video might mistake it for something that is decidedly NSFW. So… headphones on is always a safe bet.

[via Sploid]

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