Thank Goodness Someone Is Finally Working On An Emergency Pizza Button

We’ve heard of magical pizza buttons in far away lands before, but now there’s something in the works right here at home. It’s not going to be on the market anytime but still. A button just for pizza, when you need it most. That’s a world I want to live in.

NPR’s All Tech Considered gets down to pie business with a new gadget called the PiePal, which is pre-programmed to order you up a pizza with just one push. No opening an app, entering your credit card info and ugh, all those other steps involved with modern technology.

The current device only orders Domino’s pizzas — their online ordering technology was simply the easiest for the developers — and can be set with whichever kind you might most need in a cheese emergency situation, so there are limits.

“This is not a client project for Domino’s,” says the chief marketing officer of iStrategyLabs, the company behind the device. “We know zero people at Domino’s. We just used their ordering infrastructure because they have the most sophisticated online ordering structure of any of the major pizza chains. So anyway, you create an account with us and key in your mailing address and billing info, and select the one order you want to get over and over and over again.”

This baby isn’t ready for primetime yet, as right now anything could bump the device and accidentally send out a call for a pizza, pronto. The next version would have a case around it that only opens with two keys. High amount of protection for such a precious, powerful device.

You can sign up to be a Beta “Taster” at the company’s website to help the project along and also to get pizza.

This sort of makes me hanker for the days of yore, when your phone was, in effect, a pizza ordering button — especially if you had the local delivery service programmed as a speed dial. Technology has progressed so much we’re now regressing… Deep thoughts. I’m having them.

This Device Lets You Order A Pizza With The Push Of A Button [NPR]

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