Be Honest: You’re Facebooking While You Drive

There’s no formal study backing us up on this, but we’d guess that 100% of drivers (and Internet commenters) condemn people who text or check the Internet while they drive. Like many terrible, terrible habits, though, we humans condemn things that we ourselves do. A lot. According to a new survey by insurance company State farm, 24% of drivers admit to some kind of keyboard-related activity while driving.

No, not just in the car. While they are actually in control of the car, steering thousands of pounds of metal, plastic, and flammable liquid at a high speed in close proximity to other equally dangerous vehicles. Drivers between ages 17 and 29 have even scarier stats: 49% say that they’ve engaged in browsing while driving before.

Yeah, you think that you’re invincible, that you’re a much better driver than all of those other idiots on the road, and you would never be hurt or killed. There are other scary prospects, though. Before you remove your right hand from the wheel, just remember this cautionary tale: a Wisconsin man looked down at his phone to text, and the next thing he knew, he crashed his car into a tanker full of liquid manure.

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