Geek Squad Will Come To Your House And Plug In Your PS4 Or XBOX One For Only $99

consoleDo you plan to buy a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One in the coming weeks, but aren’t sure how to operate an HDMI cable? Best Buy is ready to help you out. Their Geek Squad will come to your house, add your new console to your home wireless network, update the device, set up user accounts, and most important of all: plug it in for you. All for only $99.

Yes, for people who simply must own the latest gadgets but who also have no idea how they work, Geek Squad’s Gaming Setup service is here to help.

We know, we know, most of the value here is in coming to the customer’s house and making sure that everything works. That’s why the similar service, without adding the console to your wireless network and plugging it in, costs $70 less. The real value is in the home visit. And the part where they plug the HDMI cable in; you know, it can take two whole tries before you get those things right side up!

GAMING SETUP [Geek Squad] (via Gotta Be Mobile – thanks, Josh!)

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