This Ad Is Really Concerned About Saving Bi Lions… Wait, What?

Brilliant, intentional spelling error or just silly?

Brilliant, intentional spelling error or just silly?

Consumerist reader Chris is really glad that Accenture is all about saving bi lions, snagging this photo of an ad for the company at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. But while it first it might seem like Accenture had a bit of a misspelling and is inadvertently touting its dedication to rescuing big cats who roar both ways, it could also be a brilliant advertising move.

See, Accenture wants to brag about saving “billions” and tout its skill with “elements,” thus, the symbols used on the periodic table. But there’s no L element, resulting in the obvious misspelling, which is also on Accenture’s website.

That leads us to believe that there’s no way an accidental typo could’ve gotten past everyone at the company and into national media campaigns.

As my esteemed colleague Laura Northrup points out, “It’s like someone got this idea and refused to let it go despite it not working with the actual periodic table.”

Is this a crafty marketing move — after all, here we are talking about it (or fighting about it if you’re me and my roommate) — or just kinda dumb? You decide.

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