Psychologist Deems Dad Unfit Parent For Not Feeding McDonald’s To 5-Yr-Old

You’d think that most parents would be applauded for not giving in to their kids’ demands for fast food, but a court-appointed psychologist in New York City (New York City?!?) has reportedly decided that one father is an unfit parent because he failed to feed his 5-year-old son’s craving for McDonald’s.

According to the NY Post, the youngster recently threw a tantrum when pops decided to take him to dinner at a restaurant instead of the Golden Arches.

He claims that he doesn’t normally deny his kid’s fast food requests, but decided at the time that the boy had been eating too much of it. Also, after the child threw a tantrum, he says he did not want to reward his son’s bad behavior by giving into the McDonald’s demand.

And so he says he gave the child the option of dinner anywhere but McDonald’s or no dinner at all. The kid chose the no-dinner route.

When news of the incident got back to the man’s ex-wife, with whom he is involved in a custody battle, that’s when things apparently got really hairy.

The dad says that his ex contacted the court-appointed psychologist in their custody case and reported the to-do over the McDonald’s demands, and that the doctor only interviewed the mom and the boy before determining that the father should lose weekend visitation rights because he was “wholly incapable of taking care of his son.”

If taking your kid for fast food is a hallmark of good parenting, then my otherwise neglectful dad would have won Father of the Year for most of the ’80s.

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