Nearly Half Of Black Friday Shoppers Shopping For Themselves

While Black Friday is always seen as the in-earnest kickoff of the holiday shopping season, a lot of those people camped out outside of Targets, Walmarts, Best Buys, Toys R Us stores, etc., have no intention of buying a Christmas/Hanukkah gift for anyone but themselves.

A new survey from the folks at found that 44% of all people who will be shopping this Thanksgiving weekend are primarily shopping for themselves.

Male shoppers are even more likely to be selfish shoppers, with a slim majority (51%) of male respondents ready to trick out their homes, cars, and closets with discounted items they pick up this Black Friday.

In terms of age groups, younger shoppers (18 to 35) are the most selfish on Black Friday, as 57% of these shoppers buy things for themselves. Of course, these people are less likely to have families, so why not treat yourself, right?

Interestingly enough, for people from 36 to 54, the age group most likely to be buying gifts for kids that still live at home, only 31% of survey respondents say Black Friday is their day to get themselves gifts. That number goes back up to 38% for shoppers over the age of 55.

Out of curiosity, we want to know who you buy for on Black Friday:

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  1. paleck2426 says:

    I won’t go to any stores for black friday, though I may check out the online deals. If I do see anything online for Black Friday it’s usually for myself.

  2. wiggs says:

    Just two Black Fridays in retail was enough to turn me off of them forever. Online deals, fine, but you will not catch me in any physical store on the day after Thanksgiving unless there’s a real and desperate need for something.

    What kills me is the people who say that they HAVE to shop on Black Friday or they won’t be able to afford all the things they want to buy. To me, that is a case of severely-distorted expectations and not at all a real problem.