Tipster: Staples To Open at 9 P.M. On Thanksgiving Day

Last Black Friday, office supply chain Staples slept in, relatively speaking. They didn’t open up until 5 A.M. on Black Friday. No snoozing and losing out on those early shoppers in 2013: this year, mysterious folks in red shirts have told us that Staples stores are opening up at 9 P.M. on Thanksgiving Day. Disrupting family-based holidays: that was easy.

Well, we have our own red-shirted tipsters, one of whom wrote to us:

Staples will be open on Black Thursday… er… Thanksgiving night also. So far the plan seems to be 9pm – 1am. This may change and may vary in different parts of the country, but the last email I saw from corporate said we’ll have two different ads (one for Thursday night, one for Friday morning).

There’s also this petition, which everyone knows is the most effective way to change our society.

The employee who set up the petition, who claims to love his or her job otherwise, writes in the introduction:

This is concerning, but even more so because Staples (like most companies in this economy) have tightened their belt and are running their stores with significantly less staff. Just recently they let go upwards of 50 plus people in their corporate office, and most stores lost almost all Assistant Management team members. The concern is that those same employees that will be asked to come in at 9pm on Thanksgiving will more than likely be pressured to return to open at 6am black Friday. And it does not appear Staples is ramping up seasonal hiring at ALL, at least at our location.

Signatories also shared their opinions on the prospect of Staples opening up at 9:

My brother works for Staples & I know he cherishes his time with his family on Thanksgiving & Christmas. My family will never shop on Thanksgiving or Christmas. Please keep Staples closed on Thanksgiving.

It’s simply outrageous what Staples is doing. Avoid shopping on Thanksgiving? I’m going to stop shopping there altogether, and take my business to Office Depot and other competitors. This is simply unconscionable!

We have a call in to Staples to confirm their opening time on…Black Thursday? Brown Thursday? What should we call this new holiday that was already a holiday to begin with?

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  1. Pacer says:

    Not a rumor. Two days ago the Staples In St. Albans, Vermont posted a large sign at the entrance saying that they will be open from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM on Thanksgiving night.

  2. Grumpelstiltskin says:

    Are there really that many people who shop at Staples for Christmas gifts? I know they have some consumer electronics, but I’ve never seen a soul browsing those isles when I’ve shopped there.

    Staples is a pretty bleak place to be in general…

  3. Psylent1 says:

    OMG! It’s Thanksgiving dinner and I forgot the Printer Ink!!!

  4. smirkette says:

    Macy’s lost my business forever when they decided to open up Thanksgiving night. I’m happy to never shop at Staples again. Way to model a good chunk of what’s wrong with this country, Staples!

    Will their poor employees at least get holiday pay?

  5. StevenB says:

    I’m so glad I don’t work there anymore. If I was and they told me I had to work on Thanksgiving Day, I would’ve said no and walked out. However, I turned in my proper notice in July and left two weeks later.

  6. nomdeweb says:

    Dear god. These soulless corporations will stop at nothing to suck every last penny from the consuming public, and many will lap it up like loyal dogs. While this may earn them a few extra bucks, think about employee morale. Think about what the employee’s families will think about the brand that “made mommy work on Thanksgiving”. Disgusting.

  7. CommonC3nts says:

    Staples is a horrible company to do this.
    We need laws to prevent being open on a holiday to prevent these companies from screwing over the lowest paid people in the US.

  8. C0Y0TY says:

    Bizarro Staples am OPEN at 9 p.m.! And on holiday!

  9. franklydear says:

    The two different ads thing is going to get confusing real fast. I foresee a lot of customer arguments — “but it’s Friday at midnight — why doesn’t your Friday flyer count?”